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I plant the seed in the warming soil
The sun in my face tingles my skin
A gentle breeze awakens me
I am like the planted seed
Fully embraced by Mother Earth

I watch as life springs forth
Timeless magic the child of sun and earth
Cotyledon thrusting embracing a father's touch
Radicle extending tendrils caressing mother soil
Life's journey has begun

I nurture the plant through its infancy
Caring for it from adolescence to adulthood
Protecting it as it bears children of its own
Children mature and sustain my life
Guarding their offspring I secure their descendants

I plant the seed in the warming soil
The cycle of life begins anew
Their race is old yet span so short
From them I thrive until it is my time
To return to the soil to continue their line

Petros has been homesteading for more than 25 years. He started part-time while working 12 hours a day in the "real" world. However, he transitioned to a full-time homesteader about a decade ago and gets to work 24x7x365. He considers this an improvement.

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